Friday, October 5, 2007

boston seaport district loft

Another great craigslist find! More photos on flickr.


Annie White said...

Joc, you're killing me with these C.list finds. In a matter of months, I'll be back in the market for a new apt. and you're reminding me how fun the online search can be.

I love how these big black panels (picture frames?) are hung by heavy duty cables. A great way to divide a room.

jawcey said...
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jawcey said...

Annie - I know! I think I should figure out how to be a professional apartment shopper!

The black panels are actually mirrors - you can see a shot from the other side if you follow the flickr link.

coco+kelley said...

are you kidding me? i never even thought about craigslist as a resource for inspiration! and i LOVE this place - especially that deck. gorgeous!! great blog :)

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