Wednesday, August 25, 2010

moving into a motorhome

So, I haven't mentioned it much on this blog yet, but I've undertaken a new project: I'm moving into a motorhome in order to live on some land with some friends and try my hand at farming.  Ahhh!  So exciting!

I bought a used (1978) motorhome back in the spring and am moving into it in two weeks.  I've been spending the last couple weeks renovating it and making it 'livable'.

Today my mom brought over the cushions and curtains she's been making for me for the sitting area in the trailer.  I'm so excited about how things are looking now that they're coming together.  Loving the colour tones and airy-ness of it all.

A detailed blog posting about it can be read over at my farm for a year blog.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

resurrection fern

Wow. This blogger may just be the online artist version of Annie Dillard's unnamed narrator in Pilgrim at Tinker Creek (one of the most beautifully written observations on nature I've ever read).

Margaret Oomen's blog, resurrection fern, hosts her ongoing and inspiring collection of nature-inspired crafts. LOVE IT. All images in the post pulled from her blog.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Vancouver Cycle Chic

Vancouver's got a Cycle Chic blog - finally! Ever since I started following Copenhagen Cycle Chic, I've been wishing that Vancouver had one too. There's certainly no shortage of bicycle riders in Vancouver - including many with great style. Really looking forward to following this :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

my cabin in the city

Before I jump into trailer renovations and a whole new line of trailer/farming inspired decor, I thought I'd share the 'after' photos of the cabin I lived in in Vancouver. I was there for ten months (pretty standard for me) before I moved to the farm I'm on now. The 'cabin' was a rustic little carriage house behind a larger rustic 'heritage' house in Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver. It was definitely yearning for some TLC and decor when I moved in and, like every other place I've ever lived, I jumped in with changes right away.

The biggest change for me was the patio. I was really excited to have that kind of space in the city, so my family and I got to cleaning it up and filling it up pretty quick (see photo above).

The interior didn't need much in the way of repairs and the landlord wouldn't let me paint, so it was really just a matter of cleaning the place well and finding corners for my furniture and art. You can see all my photos on my flickr site, but I've pulled out a few below to give you a glimpse. It was a pretty dark little place, given that most of the windows were made out of glass bricks, so that - paired with my crappy camera, didn't result in any amazing photos, but you get the idea... :)

back after a long hiatus

I'm back - after a very long hiatus. I was close to shutting the door on this blog forever because I had left it for so long, but after starting up a new blogging venture, I've decided to revive this one as well. Stay tuned for regular posts on things I swoon over in the decorating world as well as updates on a very personal renovation project I'm working on.

In brief, I've left my place in Vancouver and moved to the country to try my hand at farming for a year! I bought myself an old motor home and am in the middle of renovating it. Can't wait for the decorating part (of course!). If you're interested in the day-to-day farming experience, you can follow my documentation of it at, but if you're only interested in the trailer decor, I'll be posting about that here as well :)

Here's to revived blogs and a fun new project - cheers!
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