Friday, April 25, 2008

small cool 2008

Suzi's 557 sf place in Columbus

Apartment Therapy is hosting their annual 'small cool' contest - coolest homes under 850 square feet and there are some wicked decorating ideas. Makes me want to move to a tiny space to try some of them out! Gah - I get so bored so easily - I need a job that lets me tackle decorating challenges on a daily basis. Here are some shots of same of my favorites from the contest so far...
Kristen's 525 sq in West Village, NYC

Stephanie's 645 sq spot in St. Louis

Okay - there are WAY too many to look at, so this is my 'haven't-seen-even-close-to-everything-yet' list. Warning: could easily spend hours looking at all the small cool spaces. It's supposed to rain tomorrow - perfect.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

lily + jae

At last - spring has finally arrived!
At last - my closet is finally going through detox!
Goodbye winter and good riddance.
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