Monday, November 19, 2007

across the universe

I saw Across the Universe on the weekend and loved it! Great storyline, great music, great visuals. Just wanted to plug it because I can't stop listening to the soundtrack and thinking about some incredible film scenes. Watch it!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

kdon design

My friend and fasion designer extraordinaire Kim Cathers (aka kdon) has relaunched her online shop and blog! Despite having to close the doors on her downtown eastside Vancouver shop 'Discollection' a few months ago, Kim is still hard at work at designing and creating super awesome fashion. Check her out at

Friday, November 9, 2007

modern cat

Oh. Wow.

I just discovered and am thrilled. Considering that a year ago, I was pretty ambivalent about cats in general, I find it personally amusing that I'm so taken by modern pet furniture. However, I adopted two kittens in the last year and am now a total cat lover (well, I love my cats anyways) and am stoked to see that there are so many options when it comes to giving your furballs what they need (because I refuse to fill my apartment with tacky, carpet-covered climbing trees). Modern Cat is a great source for design-friendly kitty-products. Meow!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I'm so glad design*sponge blogged about Hepper and their super cool pet furniture! As soon as they make it possible to place orders from Canada, I'm totally going to get this Pod Bed for my Fergus and Lola...

It beats the $400 climbing post I saw in a local pet store the other day!

geothe & architecture

An favorite old political philosophy professor of mine is in town right now so we hung out the other day and talked about all the wonderful things political philosophers talk about, which included a lengthy discussion on architecture and it's link to culture, society, morals and God. He quoted something that I thought was just wonderful by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:
"Architecture is frozen music"
I just love that...
(photo is my own, taken in Vancouver)

pass some cheer!

Yay! It's Christmas time at Starbucks again which means, in my world, it's officially time to turn on the Christmas tunes, drink eggnog lattes, eat cranberry bliss bars, mail out Christmas cards and exist in a continual state of jolly goodness and rosy cheeks. *sigh* I love Christmas and I love Starbucks at Christmas.

This year, Starbucks will be passing out cheer cards in their stores that you can use to join a global cheer chain online, spreading digital holiday goodwill. Fun! Hopefully it will inspire the passing on of cheer beyond the web community.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

mission playground

I was in a sporty mood the other day and also feeling a little cold so I biked over to Mountain Equipment Co-op - Canada's favorite outdoor rec shop - with plans to purchase a downy vest or jacket in preparation for winter chills. But...I didn't really like the way their 'sleeping-bag-wear' fit so I mosied around the store envisioning myself scaling mountain walls and ripping through whitewater rapids in a kayak until I got distracted by a very cool clothing line called Mission Playground and ended up being so impressed with their ethic, their design and their fit that I bought the hoodie and long-undie shirt pictured here.

Mission Playground's mission is to contribute to earth conservation by creating awareness through their environmentally conscious and globally mindful designs. I recommend checking them out!

Friday, November 2, 2007

casa de la lobster-girl

I've been thinking about colour a lot lately - specifically about moving away from my white-on-white bedding and throwing in some bold shots of jewel-inspired hues. This morning, I stumbled across jek in the box's photostream on flickr and am feeling pretty convinced that this would be a good move. Her space is a smorgasbord of colour that is carefree and fun and totally works. Although I wouldn't go as overboard as she has with her decorating and trinkits, I love it and am feeling inspired by all these gorgeous images.

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