Wednesday, August 1, 2007

DWR airstream trailer

Thanks to M for sending me the link to this super cool airstream trailer. Perfect timing, because tonight I'm off on a 5 day roadtrip to Canada's Atlantic Maritime provinces. Unfortunately, we won't be travelling in this much style, but it sure looks like a sweet way to camp. Check out the interior shots below.
I love the description of the creation of the first airstream trailer: 'An avid outdoorsman, Airstream founder Wally Byam married a woman who had little interest in the "adventure" of sleeping on the ground. When he built his bride a tent on a Ford Model T chassis that he could tow behind the car, marital bliss was restored. The project gave Byam an idea for a travel trailer that moved like a "stream of air" and in 1936, America got its first look at an Airstream'.

Architect-designer Chris Deam gutted an original trailer in 2000 (more photos on his site!) to create a more airy interior which led to the creation of the DWR airstream trailer.

And on a sidenote, the idea of gutting a trailer reminded me of this very creative outdoor cafe a friend and I came across in Berlin...

Have a great weekend everyone - be back next week!


Anonymous said...

Hilarious - I feel almost famous - there's also a video interview on the dwell website - M

Anonymous said...

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