Tuesday, July 31, 2007

hayon studio

"Showtime Collection for BD Ediciones de Diseno is a home furniture collection inspired on classical MGM musicals. The concepts behind these pieces explore the contrast between what is external and internal. A comination between organic forms and classical details is key to it's development. It exhibits passion for finding ways where things that are not supposed to match, coexist in elegance. Very innovative material combinations like plastic and leather were used to create this unique collection."

Hayon Studio link found via Bloesem's blog. Love the imagery! I also recommend their great bathroom pieces, Artquitect.


Annie said...

yes, i'm a lurker... and i want to see new pics of your apartment. it's already gorgeous and SO welcoming. well done!!! did i tell you we bought a new couch? it will be delivered next month - I'm VERY excited! i'll try to post some pics soon :).

jawcey said...

Hey there lurker...glad you like it! New couch?!?! Funnn! Can't wait to see photos. Next time I'm in TO, I'll come to see everything in person :)

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