Thursday, August 2, 2007

chris deam on dwell

For a closer look at the designer and design of the airstream trailer below, check out this video interview on dwell. So great. I want one (I say that a lot...). Thanks again M!

PS - maybe if we'd been driving one of Chris Deam's airstreams yesterday, I'd be in Quebec City today like I was supposed to. Instead, our car broke down and we're all still in Ottawa...on the bright side, I think I may use to the (now freed-up) weekend to explore antiques and flea markets, thanks to hot tips from Ottawa-blogger Kim over at desiretoinspire.


Anonymous said...

where are the best thrift shopping places in ottawa?

jawcey said...

There's the Stitsville flea market just outside of Ottawa.

As for in Ottawa, the best places I've found are on Bank Street, south of Landsdowne as well as on Wellington (just after it begins off of Somerset - past Chinatown and before Westboro village).

And as per Kim's advice:

There's an antiquing directory you can buy at a lot of antique stores that has maps and shows you where tons of stores are.

Best route is down highway 416. This goes into the town of Merrickville. They have lots of little shops, some antiques, some not. From there into Smith Falls, Perth,on the way back into Franktown and Carleton Place. In downtown Perth there's a big store across from a Tim Horton's.

A town called Hudson on the way to Montreal is apparently antique heaven.

Here's a list of specific places too:
1 - Evergreen Antiques = RR#2 Oxford Mills (3.5 miles SW of Kemptville via county rd 18)
2 - Memories and Antiques = 1004 Neville St in Ottawa (don't know where that is)
3 - Otter Creek Antiques in Lombardy (not sure where that is either)

Hope that helps!


Robyn said...
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Anonymous said...

great, i will check them out. thanks!

that lamp in your centertown ottawa apartment photo... where did you get that? it's beautiful.

jawcey said...

I got the lamp at a store called 'My First Apartment' on Bank St. in Centretown Ottawa, but the store has closed down now. Too bad. It was a goody.

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