Thursday, July 24, 2008

bit by bit

I've begun the transfer of goods from one apartment to another. I plan on finishing the painting this weekend and getting shelves up in the kitchen and bathroom so more photos to come soon of things other than the radiator wall ;)

PS - while painting the bathroom last night, I discovered a horrid, putrid smell rising from the floor? the walls? Not sure, but it's a little concerning. Hoping it's something fixable and not a sign of major wall rot...ugh.


Anonymous said...

more pictures more pictures! i started a blog but there isn't too much on it yet.


md said...

I hope horrible putrid hasn't returned, (could it be a formerly alive mouse?) - your place is sweet, in Toronto it would be $1200 minimum, haha (nifty group of pics too!). Your blog is so rich with things to discover - hope you're hanging in there with all the painting!

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