Wednesday, July 4, 2007

because i said so

My sister and I watched 'Because I Said So' on the weekend. The movie was cute, but even better were the set designs! Mandy Moore's character in particular lived in a gorgeously decorated loft (you can get a little bit of an idea of the colours and textures from the photos above, but I can't find any full images of the space). She had a rich velvet chesterfield and warm coloured walls, lamp shades, lanterns, carpets and furniture. And the most amazing set of open-concept kitchen shelves I've ever seen! If anyone knows where I can find images of the set, please let me know. I'm feeling really inspired after seeing it. In the meantime, here are some similarly-hued, decorating ideas to put towards a 'Because I Said So' apartment...

I love this chesterfield from Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams. It's so romantic and rich and this colour in particular could work with a colourful interior (visualize bold red pillows and gold lamp shades) or with a more muted interior of blacks and whites and greys. Prettttttty.

This red asian-inspired box is beautiful and could serve as a side table or a stand-alone piece. I came across it at the Red River Trading Company. And I love this yellow silk lantern. How lovely would that look glowing warming in a comfortable room at night or on a leafy, tiled patio on a summer evening?

Throw in a great wooden stool by Phillip Mainzer or a beautiful cherry desk from Boston Interiors. I love the wooden stool - a row of them alongside a long kitchen table would be really fun and that desk is just begging for someone to sit down at it and write something inspired. Lots of room on top to cluster some ceramic vases or place a fun lamp.

Finally, throw down a great rug in blues and put out some chunky serving ware and you're good to go! *Sigh* I could web 'shop' all day :)


"JP" Jessica said...

I have been searching every where for the same information! I must have watched the movie a dozen times in slow motion trying to see the whole apartment. I live in a loft myself and was floored when I saw this set design. I found that the set designer's name is Gerald Donahoe, but no other info... If you find it post it! Thanks :D

Heather Grilliot said...

I just saw this movie last night, I want to know her wall colors, My husband even liked them!

abby said...

the set decorator for the movie is maggie martin, if your interested in searching her up. ive seen the movie twice and am SOO SOO SOO inspired to do a room like hers. like you said there arent any full pictures of the room itself and that depresses me. post anything if you can when you find anything new. thanks.

Kelsey said...

I love her loft too! I realize that I'm posting this wayyyy after the fact, but I was looking into some decorating ideas and found this site.

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