Friday, June 29, 2007

Oh Canada!

In honour of Canada's 140th birthday this weekend, here is a collection of red and white decorating yummies found in one of my favorite Ottawa stores...

A cube tea-light holder for fireworks watching from pretty patios

Kitchen 'punk-u-pine' scrubber (cute!!!)

A heart hot water bottle to keep you cozy on cold Canadian nights

The retro bowling game cause who doesn't love bowling (with cheap Canadian beer of course!)

And Red wall decals that are patriotic and pretty

Happy red & white day everyone!


terri said...

Happy Canada Day! Do you go see the fireworks in Ottawa? I saw them when I worked there in the summer of 1994...memories...

I like the red and white stuff too!

Leish said...

Hi Jocelyn! I came across your blog through facebook. You're so talented in the way you design and decorate! Gee, I need you and your sis to come give me some Decor 101!

Anyway, Happy Canada Day!

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