Wednesday, January 14, 2009

cycle chic

I LOVE that you can find any kind of blog you can imagine online. Like the Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog - fashionistas on bicycles! According to the Guardian (apparently), the blog is "The Sartorialist on two wheels." Yip-ee! Seriously loving this. And maybe it will inspire me to keep riding through the snow and -36 degree Ottawa weather (haven't been brave enough to pull the bike out in '09 yet...). Must do this. And must do it while making fashion statements. Enough of this winter slush and salt beating me to an old jeans/ ugly boots/ could-care-less-about-fashion pulp!


Anne said...

I've also been reading that blog!
Love it! If I could bike to work, I would certainly make the effort to look cute from now on :)
Too bad Orleans to Hull is such a commute...

Veronica . . . said...

Speaking of fashion blogs, I'm newly hooked on Garance Dore. Was that you or the Sart who mentioned her?

I've been trying to do the fashionista on a bike thing around Vancouver, but I'm hating doing it in the rain.

kay* said...

recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed going back and reading your posts - especially the ones about decoarting and fixing up your new apartment.

question - can you share what colour white paint you used on your walls and radiator? white is such a hard colour to get right and yours looks great.

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