Friday, December 26, 2008

french fashion blogs

I'm not sure how I first began tripping over these fashion blogs....You know how it is, one click leads to another...But regardless of how, the fact that I did has led me to click my way through a whole handful of france-based fashion blogs and left me rather intrigued and inspired (inspired to improve my wardrobe!). These girls seem to spend a lot of time directing creative (some are more creative than others - cherry blossom girl is my favorite) fashion shoots that they themselves model fantastic outfits in. Some of the fashionistas are definitely friends because they show up in each others' blogs (not to mention the fact that the blog styles themselves are all very similar). Anyways, they're definitely worth a look - the clothes and accessories and SHOES are really, really fun. These girls look like they have wardrobes that go on forever!

the cherry blossom girl

le blog de betty

le monde de tokyobanbao

une fille tout simplement...

le blog de big beauty


karey m. said...

had to kirtsy your sept 30 {around there} studio makeover.

genius. i was beyond impressed.

Carolina Eclectic said...

These blogs are wonderful! I had seen a couple of them before, I'm glad you mentioned the rest:)

Glassford Hill Girl said...

I love Cherry Blossom Girl, thanks for sharing a few more lovely blogs for me to drool over. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I'll be back.

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modern said...

french fashion blogs
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