Saturday, November 8, 2008

memory lane

I've been photo-documenting my living spaces for years now (although not all in a before/ after kind of way) so I thought I'd post photos from a few of my past dwelling places - at least the ones that I've lived in since I've had a digital camera (I'll need a scanner to showcase my pre-digital days). I wish I'd taken photos of ALL the places I've ever lived - the spot my roomates and I (and the rest of the university-aged folks in town) dubbed 'the crack shack' would make for a particularly amusing blog post, but I'm pretty sure the shack's mice population held my camera hostage for those 5 months of my life...that, or I accidently buried it in the vegetable garden I attempted to grow next to the back parking lot's septic tank...

By mentally collecting all my homes in my head (which is kind of like trying to count off all the guys I've been on dates with - you always feel like you've forgotten a few), I think my post-parental dwelling places count is at 13 so far. In each one, I've taken great pleasure in re-decorating the space to make it my own.

At what I think was home #7, welcome to my very first, very tiny studio apartment that was two things: my first apartment sans roomates and my first apartment in downtown Vancouver (suburban beach town girl moves to the big city):

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Jennifer Ramos said...

So cute!!

Jen Ramos
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