Tuesday, November 18, 2008

commuter bikes

After being inspired by a biking-obsessed friend last year, I've taken to biking everywhere - work, errands, parties - in everything from flip flops and shorts to high heels and formal dresses - and I love it! LOVE it! It's fast, it's fun, it's free, it's exercise, it's independant, it's environmentally friendly - it just feels GREAT. I bought a second-hand mountain bike from a bike rental company after their summer season at half price last year. It's definitely gotten the job done, but I've been meaning to upgrade it a bit with accessories that will enhance the commuting experience - more lights, fenders to protect my clothes from puddle splashes, and a basket for carrying things in. So I was stoked to see this recommended commuter bike recomendation list (click through to see all seven bikes) from TreeHugger today. I don't think I'll be buying a new bike anytime soon - and theft possibility might keep me from ever buying a really pretty bike, but it sure is fun to look and get ideas...

I'm also hoping to gear myself up in order to continue riding my bike through the winter - in other words, through a lot of snow. I've come across a few articles here (see links at the bottom for additional winter biking tips if you're interested), but want to keep looking for more helpful ideas. Feel free to forward me anything you might know of. I've been hearing about bike wheel spikes to keep your bike from slipping in icy weather...I need to look into that.

I'm looking forward to the challenge though!


A. & J. said...

bikes are alot cheaper in the us. I bought a nivre paul frank bike this year in the us. it only cost be around $350! In Canada, you pay $800+++ just something to think about.

jer crowle said...

find parts on craigslist. then you can put a bike together you won't be afraid of fixing. we've been putting bikes together in the studio, and saved loads of money doing it.

Michael said...

People think it sounds crazy but I love cycling through Rome. Drivers are more aware of the scooters and cars around them and therefore take note of cyclists. You're right, cycling gets you anywhere you want, and quick.

You should check my out my circa 1970s Italian cruiser.

Molto sexy!

Anonymous said...

Take it from someone who has cycled thousands of miles and in very wet weather, the essentials include a comfortable saddle, a chainguard to save your socks or trousers, mudguards to keep water and mud from spraying you, a dynamo serving front and back to provide easy dependable light, a saddle bag or panniers, rear mirrors and a bell.

from Dad

Things to avoid for the commuter cyclist include derailleur gears (a simple three speed internal wheel hub gear with the gear lever mounted on the handlebars is all that is needed), racing type (drop) handlebars, skinny racing type wheels.

Joanna Goddard said...

i love riding bikes, too. i even rode to my friend's wedding...in my bridesmaid dress! :)

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