Friday, August 1, 2008


I can't believe it took me a couples days to figure this out, but I've been wondering why IKEA changed the design of their spice you can see in my photo, the top rack doesn't provide enough space to put bottles on it and I couldn't figure out why the metal pieces at the bottom were so long (and thus aesthetically annoying) - especially because in other photos of said spice rack from other people's kitchens, I didn't see evidence of the same thing. It's kind of evidence of how incredibly observant I am and at the same time NOT observant at all that I noticed this difference, but didn't clue into the fact (until 5 days later) that it's because I installed the spice rack upside down. Right. Well, at least it's easily fixable and my spice rack space shortage will be remedied as soon as I make the switch.

Heading to IKEA tonight to get some more shelves and curtain rods for the main studio space and am hoping to use this weekend to move amost everything over and set things up (move in date is next saturday). More photos coming soon!


Amphritrite said...


I recently just bought myself a studio as well, with a pretty bay window like yours... it really was the selling point for me.

But! 375 square feet is a devil to get together! It looks like you have a bit more space than I do, and it's laid out better.

Whew - in any case, I'm on board, and reading :) Good luck getting yours all together!

jek-a-go-go said...

hee...i did the same thing with a handmade spice rack that my brother built. now when i look at it it is obviously right side up but it took him laughing his behind off before i even noticed. sigh.

pretty little things said...

hahaha silly sis. where is the ikea near you? do they have one in ottawa...

cant wait to see more pictures :)

pretty little things said...

more pictures! more pictures!

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