Friday, February 1, 2008

house proud friends on 'steven and chris'

It's always fun to feature what friends are up to - especially when it's something as cool as showcasing their creative, tiny Vancouver apartment on the CBC's Steven and Chris show! Check out Trish and Nathan's small, awesome space that accomodates three family members and functions as an office space for both T & N! Amazing! Clearly, bigger is not better. Watch house proud Trish and Nathan here.

T & N - I love it! And Trish, I would be excited about an appliance as cool as your washer-dryer combo too :)

You can check out Nathan's own blog post about it here.


steff said...

hahaha how cool is that! and i love how nate is trying not to crack up the entire time! lol


Nathan said...

Trish was actually the one laughing most of the time, but I guess they cut that all out.

We had a great time shooting it though with a sweet videographer.

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