Sunday, September 16, 2007

three potato four

I would really love to be out flea market shopping today. It's sunday, the sun is out and there's a definite fall crispness in the air. It's a perfect day for a coffee and a flea market challenge. Alas, I am holed up in my office working because I know that if I don't get some work done today, this week is going to be really stressful. I'm not actually as diligent and keen as this may make me sound. Trust me, if I had a car, I would be logging off my computer right now, swinging by the corner coffee shop, and en route to the countryside, determined to put off thinking about assignments until tomorrow morning. But...I don't have a car. I go, back to work. Breaks will consist of online flea market shopping (so not the same) at sites like Three Potato Four who feature unique finds like this camp sign and block letterpress. *sigh* I'm ready for a vacation.

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