Friday, September 28, 2007

ottawa photography festival

At last! I'm finally starting to discover Ottawa's underbelly of local artists and cultural events. This week (ending sunday), Ottawa's first festivalx is underway and it is very, very cool. It is a 10 day long photography festival showcasing local photographers at 19 different venues, including public, private and artist-run galleries. I went to one of the galleries last night and was inspired and delighted by what I found there (including a 40 minute chat with one of the photographers). He told me that the artists involved in the festival are hoping to make this an annual event and hoping to create more exposure for local artists in this city in general (I hope so - the city needs it!). What's great about the festival is not only that it exposes the public to new artists, but it also exposes us to a number of galleries that I imagine most people were never aware of (I certainly wasn't and I've looked!). Very cool. If you're in Ottawa and you're reading this, I recommend checking out the festival. I'm going to try to check out a lot of the other shows this weekend and the closing party is at my favorite club. You don't have to ask me twice! Check out Guerilla Magazine for more Ottawa arts and culture news.

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