Monday, August 13, 2007

You may have outgrown youth hostels and lonelyplanet guides but most of you have not outgrown traveling. For those of you who are lucky enough not to be chained to a mortgage, 2 children and a minivan there is a new guide to the planet. Brought to you from the ever stylish people at Wallpaper magazine are Wallpaper City guides (40 cities profiled). Each guide profiles an eclectic mix of restaurants, shopping, hotels and design stores. Most venues are known only to locals and since the authors have inserted a discreet map on the last page you might even be mistaken for one.

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Michael said...

I have always wondered about the wallpaper city guides. It would definitely be an interesting perspective on a place and I am sure the restaurant and hotel sections would be rather unique.


off to the UK in 4 hours.


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