Friday, August 10, 2007

sibling rivalry

*disclaimer: my sister and I have never actually been design rivals. She blows me out of the water without even trying so I've never even bothered to compete with her...

My incredibly talented sister, Stephanie, is one of 3 interior design students handpicked in Vancouver to compete in a national design competition with the Hudsons Bay Company. She was given a client portfolio a week in advance of the competition, drafted a design idea, had it approved by the judges and is currently (today's the last day) spending her 9-5 hours this week inside a window of the Bay department store in downtown Vancouver creating a space to suit her 'client'. Two other students are doing it at the same time. Each has been given their own window space, some money to cover hardware and paint from external sources as well as some money to spend inside the Bay. This whole week, passersby have been able to watch her at work from the street. Beginning tomorrow, her design will be judged by a panel of interior designers. The winner will receive $500 to spend at the Bay and, more importantly, fantastic exposure. She's only in her first year of design school but is already at the top of her class and is clearly on her way to greatness (proud older sister speaking here :). The same competition is currently taking place in Toronto and Montreal.

Beginning tomorrow, you'll be able to view all of the designers with their designs online at www.thebay/windows (webpage available as of Aug.11) and vote for your favorite.

Go Stephy Go! She's amazing. I love her. And one day when she owns her own design company, I'm going to work for her...right Steph?

PS - you can check our her own photos of her project as it comes along at her flickr site.


kim. said...

OMG - that's such a great experience for your sister! I can't wait to see the finished product. (Coincidentally my mom has worked at the Bay here in Orleans for a zillion years)

stephanie durston said...

OM MAN! IM BLUSHING. thanks jawcey but you can hold your own when it comes to design. i made you a video tour today but the file is too large to send so i will post it on my facebook. to correct ya, the voting is actually going to be 100% by the public! so get those votes in people! hehe
just finished the project today. adding more photos to my flickr site now :) LOVE YOU - stephanie

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