Friday, July 6, 2007

sweet sleep

What a beautiful bed frame! I couldn't believe it when I came across this keeper on Boston Interior's website - and in their sale section to boot! It's on clearance for $649 which is a great price for any decent bed frame let alone one as darling as this! I love the cheerful daffodil finish. I wouldn't neccessarily go for this design on a regular basis but throw on some bright paint and it's wonderful. I would snatch it up in a second if I wasn't trying to be so diligent with limited credit card spending. Lovely, lovely, lovely!


Veronica said...

oohhh, I love this! Didn't know your blog was being updated so much -- nice finds!

Jocelyn Durston said...

Hi V! To be honest, this is take two. I never really followed through on my first decorating blog. This one is going much better :)

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