Tuesday, July 10, 2007

desire to inspire

I'm so stoked that I came across desire to inspire's blog yesterday. I'm excited for two reasons: 1) the blog is awesome and full of inspiring (the blog name is very appropriate) interior design images, and 2) because one of the writers, Kim, is from Ottawa!

I sent her an email right away asking her for Ottawa shopping advice and hoping for some tips to find hidden treasure-filled shops that I haven't found yet myself. The good news: she wrote back with tips for some antique adventure shopping (look what she found on the antique circuit!) that I'm looking forward to doing. The bad news: Ottawa is not a hot-bed for decor shops. Seems I've already found most of them (which isn't a lot).

But I am thrilled to have found a blogger here in Ottawa who can point me in the right direction as I'm new to this side of the country. Thanks Kim!


kim. said...

Glad I could help Jocelyn. Shopping here must be NOTHING like in Vancouver. It's terrible - which results in lots of online shopping. YAY for the internet!!!

Jocelyn Durston said...

Seriously - I'm learning to appreciate internet shopping :) Vancouver was better for shopping than Ottawa, but I am excited to take more trips to Montreal and Toronto to explore spots I've never been to before. Thanks again so much for your help!

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