Friday, June 22, 2007

dream coffee table

I need a coffee table and have been keeping an eye out for designs and materials that I both like and that I think will suit my space. I live in a heritage building with antique features. My furniture is a mix of vintage/ antique pieces as well as modern lines. I've been looking for something that would suit my space and as soon as I saw this, I KNEW...and then I looked at the price tag and realized that, at $1200, it wouldn't be happening anytime soon, if ever. So sad. The price isn't actually that bad compared to a lot of furniture out there, but for a non-profit salary-earning, student-loan paying off gal like myself, it's unrealistic. But at least now I have something in my mind so that I can look for something comparable and more affordable. The thing that makes this coffee table extra cool is that it's environmentally sustainable. Look good and feel good! View it at Vivavi.

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Anonymous said...

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